Monthly Archives: August 2006

Bargaining with God

So, I missed Mass on Sunday. For a few reasons, none of them very good, and when I had to… Continue reading »

Thoughts on Eros

Agnes Day’s post “Indecent Exposure” last week discussed the “Boobs on Bikes” controversy, and provided a possible response to it… Continue reading »

Are you peeking?

If you are peeking you are not worshipping! From the beginning of the book of Genesis, we are already introduced… Continue reading »


I had a great weekend of re-initiation. Firstly, I was lucky enough to be invited to two baptisms, which were… Continue reading »

Divorced from God?

I recently started a new job, and was surprised to find a majority of the people I work with are… Continue reading »

I loved the pornography parade!

Mr Steve Crow Organiser of the Boobs on Bikes parade Auckland Saturday 26th August, 2006 Dear Mr Crow, I am… Continue reading »


Firstly I would like to clarify that my musings do not represent what Methuselah thinks. After all, I am only Methuselah’s beard…. Continue reading »