Monthly Archives: September 2006

Jihad in the maternity ward

So, Islam is a religion of peace aye? Well, why then, after Pope Benedict’s lecture to a German university, are… Continue reading »

All for one, one for all

Conservatives and Liberals. Usually terms associated with political parties. But I’m sure you’ve heard people or have heard of people… Continue reading »

Back to the beginning

I go to RCIA classes sometimes. I’m a cradle Catholic, but sometimes it’s just brilliant to take the time to… Continue reading »

Learning Binary

Binary thought, also called “all or nothing” is quite prevalent in society. Most of us fall under its spell at… Continue reading »

~The Genius of Women~

Are women in this country truly equal?  I have been reflecting on this point lately and think in all of the… Continue reading »

A certain sense of leastiness

The good thing about writing for Mondays is that I’m still freshly inspired from the previous day’s readings and homily…usually…. Continue reading »

Two Catholics and Marriage (go together like a horse and carriage?)

Hello! First of all I apologise for the cringe worthy title There has been some vigorous debate on the site this week –… Continue reading »