Monthly Archives: January 2007

Better late?

I’ve read with some concern about recent moves in parts of the US and UK against different types of clothing… Continue reading »

Annulments and Annoyances in the Roman Curia…

In recent times I have often been troubled by the ease at which Catholics could obtain marriage annulments from their local… Continue reading »

Happy Anniversary!

Today is Auckland Anniversary Day, so around half the country gets the day off. Anniversaries play an important role in… Continue reading »

She’ll be Right

New Zealand seems to be known for its “real men don’t cry’, “she’ll be right” attitude.  But does this have… Continue reading »

Put your faith where your mouth is…

I’m not sure if you’ve heard, but a new website has been established so that people can publicly renounce the… Continue reading »

Manman to the rescue!

After a quiet period over the holidays, it’s good to see some heated debate on the blog once again! Peace… Continue reading »

Cover thyself up!

This isn’t a new topic, but I just had “words” with a colleague at work and it’s got me all… Continue reading »