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The “national draft statement on religious diversity” makes for an interesting read. The revisions shown on the NZ Catholic site… Continue reading »

Seclusion…and Oscar

I was going to discuss “heresy” this week – one of the sins against Faith. But something took my interest… Continue reading »

Not lekker at all!

What do you know about South Africa? I’ve never been there, nor do I plan to go, but I do… Continue reading »

Got that loving feeling?

Last Sunday at church the reading was about loving your neighbour.  It is probably the most basic, well-known message in… Continue reading »

The case for faith part 4: proofs for Christ – part one

I’ve done it again! This post took more space then I had originally intended, so I have split it into… Continue reading »

Quakes and smacks

How about those earthquakes in Auckland on Wednesday? Pretty cool. I’ve never been in one of those before! I wonder… Continue reading »

We’re all in this together

I went to the combined Ash Wednesday service at Holy Trinity Cathedral in Parnell last night, and was so warmed… Continue reading »