Monthly Archives: March 2007

What a man!

With Lent almost over, and less than one week to go until we celebrate the Easter Triduum I have been… Continue reading »

Let’s talk about wine

You know, I’ve always wondered about the wine / Blood of Christ at Communion. If both Communion under both forms… Continue reading »

“Be still and know that I am God…”

So, I’ve started doing yoga classes because sitting at a desk all day (not to mention sitting in hideous traffic… Continue reading »

Female priesthood

One topic that hasn’t been raised over the last six months (as far as a search could confirm) is that… Continue reading »

Questions, questions, questions…

Over┬áthe last months on BeingFrank we have discussed, debated, and rehashed certain topics (e.g., capital punishment, just war, Communion, salvation,… Continue reading »

Real courage

Zimbabwe. Wow. There’s just some crazy stuff going on over there right now! I’m not the most proficient in the… Continue reading »

Sporting Fervour

This week the world has been shocked by the news that the Pakistan cricket coach Bob Woolmer was murdered in… Continue reading »