Monthly Archives: April 2007

A cat among pigeons?

I don’t want to stir up too much of a fight here, so if everyone can remain civil when discussing… Continue reading »


Today I thought I would reflect on the need for space and prayer in our day. It is very easy… Continue reading »

Is virtual participation virtuous?

Yesterday I stepped outside to have a cigarette with my boss during my break and thinking out loud I said… Continue reading »

Winner takes it all

Was reading yesterday’s Herald about two American soldiers, Jessica Lynch and Pat Tillman. One captured, the other killed in Iraq…. Continue reading »

Worrying reading

So, Mexico City has legalised abortion. It’s pretty appalling really, and when I searched for the article on BBC by… Continue reading »

Anzac Day

“Lest we forget” And I, er, forgot (to post this on time)

Drugs are bad, umkay?

I’m not sure if you caught the news, but about a week or so back there was a bit of… Continue reading »