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In the midst of yesterday’s Being Frank shenanigans, I decided I would write a post entitled “The damage done by… Continue reading »

Say what?

Regarding this story It’s all very well to speak of “a Christian nation” – but I don’t think they’ve considered… Continue reading »

If I hear another idiot say…

Ever have one of those moments where you find yourself screaming at talkback radio as yet another caller rings in… Continue reading »

I see your true colours

Notice anything different about the site today? Provided everything works as I’m told it will, you should be looking at… Continue reading »

Struggling on this…

I don’t mean to cause any offence by this post, but it’s something i struggle with. One of my (non-Christian)… Continue reading »

Let’s Talk About Sex

There was an article in the NZ herald last week concerning a recent study on the sex lives of 16… Continue reading »

Oops! I did it again.

Well another Friday and another decision had to be made on what to write about this week. It seems the… Continue reading »