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It’s gonna to be a very “Pauline Year”….

It official, the Pope has declared June 2008 – June 2009 the Year of St Paul in honour of 2000th… Continue reading »

Somewhere Beyond the Sea

Well another Friday and yet another week drawing to a close. For those who are in Auckland, you may have… Continue reading »

Hearing what we want to hear…

Ox’s post on Tuesday is coincidentally on the same topic as I’m writing about today… A few weeks ago, I… Continue reading »

No margin of error

Nice to hear that our politicians have officially decreed themselves inhuman. If the idea was to avoid ridicule and satire,… Continue reading »

Inspiration abound

I like posting on Mondays.  Why?  Because Mondays follow Sundays, and Sunday is when I get a lot of inspiration. … Continue reading »


Flicking through the NZ Herald the other day I came upon an article on employment. In it Neer Korn (a… Continue reading »

Legitimizing the illegitimate

I was browsing through some of the material that Victoria University provides its tutors to prepare them for teaching classes… Continue reading »