Monthly Archives: August 2007

Better late than never…

Well as promised, here we go: Later than I expected. Well now that I’ve successfully driven off most of the… Continue reading »

5.30pm at St Ben’s

Woops, am running tres behind schedule today so this will be short. A Protestant colleague was telling me last week… Continue reading »

How much is your life worth?

Michael Brewer was rescued yesterday, after being trapped by a cave-in. The rescue effort included a peak of some 70… Continue reading »

The compass is broken, and the harvest awaits your labour.

It has been an interesting week for NZ, and a series of events have strongly brought it home to me… Continue reading »

Peace, joy and pancakes

I found it interesting to read the article on the NZ Catholic website about the elder brother of the Pope… Continue reading »

Sex Ed

ERO   has reported that New Zealand is still not doing well at properly teaching sex education in schools.  … Continue reading »

Those Damn T-shirts

I think its time I confess a little dark secret in Filia Day’s closet. Right, here we go. Ever since… Continue reading »