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This is totally cheating but I thought the article below complements Filia’s article yesterday, and discussion on the blog in… Continue reading »

Where for art thou Vatican II?

There are a lot of varying ideas floating around at the moment about what exactly Vatican II taught and how… Continue reading »

Hard to Explain

I was reading this supplement thing that came with the NZ Hearld yesterday. Not sure when exactly it came… might… Continue reading »

Political ponderings

I missed the West Wing series when it was on TV – I always meant to watch it but generally… Continue reading »

At the end of the day…

Looking back on the last year and a bit, as a blogger with too little time to devote, Being Frank… Continue reading »

It’s a long, long road

One of my friends from university is about to complete the Pacific Crest Trail. For those who aren’t familiar with… Continue reading »

Will we all soon be girls?!

I was reading an interesting article the other day which presented the results of studies done that find we are… Continue reading »