Monthly Archives: October 2007

do ya get it yet?

So, what’s struck me particularly in the last week is my terrible track record with trusting in God’s providence…I guess… Continue reading »

Worth a second look

A few weeks ago (or was that days or months?) on this blog, there was discussion about the issue of… Continue reading »

Extra curricula

Ah how I’ve missed those family dinners.    I was at Mum and Dad’s last night for family dinner and… Continue reading »

What is the Kingdom in “thy Kingdom come”?

Are hell and heaven real places away from Earth? There is a commonly held view we “float” up and away… Continue reading »

The Darkside of Children’s Books

Did anyone ever read the His Dark Materials Trilogy? Apparently for my peers, when they were about 12 or 13… Continue reading »

Oh Yes (It’s a Mess)

Huzzah! Just when I thought all the sting and vitriol had left the blog I stumbled upon Tuesday’s post! Looked… Continue reading »

Genius at work

Stumbled across this piece in the Guardian yesterday. I had a “discussion” with someone about this recently, and how laws… Continue reading »