Monthly Archives: November 2007

The Reason

Was watching 20/20 loast night after taking a break from Xbox 360ing and came across a story which makes you… Continue reading »

Tolerance, acceptance…

Two things have caught my attention this week… First, the attempted peace talks in Annapolis, US, between the US, Israeli… Continue reading »

become like children

I came across a little prayer book today, written in 1954, full of all sorts of frank and imaginative prayers… Continue reading »

A beginner’s guide to the Jehovah Witness cult

Someone recently asked me if I could post some information about the Jehovah Witnesses, as this person was keen to… Continue reading »

Rudd – bud or mud?

So, Australia has a new Prime Minister eh?  Bye bye Mr Howard, hello Mr Rudd. Now that this blog has… Continue reading »


The independent Christian movie “Bella” came out on Thursday 22nd November. I’m not sure if you’re allowed to review movies… Continue reading »

“Comfort Care” and Euthanasia

Well this week has been tough for a number of reasons. As the end of the year approaches, everything seems… Continue reading »