Monthly Archives: January 2008

War, war, what is it good for?

I guess I would be defined (insofar as I love being boxed into categories) as a pacifist. Although I hold… Continue reading »


I was at Parachute Music Festival on the weekend…what a fantastically hot and dusty affair indeed. The sustained temperature of… Continue reading »

Doomsday Called Off

After the heat over last week’s discussion about climate change I couldn’t resist posting a documentary called “Doomsday Called Off”,… Continue reading »

Anniversary Day madness

I was going to spend most of this post writing about anniversaries because today (Monday) is Auckland Anniversary Day and… Continue reading »


“Virtue” isn’t a word we often hear these days. Do you even know what it means in a Christian sense?… Continue reading »

I will make you make you fishers of men.

This week I have been thinking a little about authentic forms of evangelisation and apostolate. My flatmate (who is not… Continue reading »

“Every second I’m out of bed I’m burning precious calories”

I’ve often wondered if I could find a job out there that was better than the one I’m currently in…. Continue reading »