Monthly Archives: March 2008

Culture clash

Right. This will be even shorter and sweeter than originally planned as I just inexplicably lost this entire post already… Continue reading »

A voice you can agree with?

It’s interesting that the Pope is asked to speak on and be a representative for so many issues around the… Continue reading »

Bring back the index?

This week I had my first assignment due for a course I’m doing at university on academic practice. Basically, the… Continue reading »

“Wait, I’m no missionary! I don’t even believe in Jebus!”

It’s quite coincidental that The Captain decided to post something on Confession yesterday. It’s good to see a bit of… Continue reading »

This Confession thing…

It’s not that I don’t like going to Confession, it’s more that I’m a little confoooosed by it all… The… Continue reading »

Present as dude…

A friend recently said to me that Christ is as present in Scripture, as in the Eucharist itself. I did… Continue reading »

A very timely message from a very unlikely source

I came across this editorial last week, and I thought it was well worth reproducing here (the original can be… Continue reading »