Monthly Archives: April 2008

How Benedict XVI Will Make History

It always fascinates me when people can step back and look at the present with what one might say are… Continue reading »

You gotta love that political correctness

I stumbled across this news story just recently – isn’t it great to live such a modern society, where we… Continue reading »

What’s the answer?

Zimbabwe is seriously getting me down. In reading some of the latest news on Zimbabwe, I can’t help but get… Continue reading »

How do we think?

I’m reading an interesting book at the moment called “Status Anxiety” by Alain de Botton. It’s probably not a book… Continue reading »

The Early Church

I’ve been out of action for the last week on a course. On this course on of the subjects we… Continue reading »

“Once something has been approved by the Government, it’s no longer immoral.”

Today is Anzac Day and we remember all those who bravely served their country in the World War 1. Although… Continue reading »

Happy news from around the world

It’s been a rough one this week and I thought twice before posting about it because I have little faith… Continue reading »