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The [B]eloved, the [L]over and [L]ove.

I have just started a new spiritual reading and although I have only had the chance to read several pages,… Continue reading »

“Haven’t you learned anything from that guy who gives those sermons at church? Captain Whatshisname?”

Well I’ve been down in the deep south this week, Invercargill to be precise. It’s a nice little place and… Continue reading »


There really is no place like it. Been back on the ground for just under a few hours now, and… Continue reading »

Tongues and tears

I remember when I was younger and unaware of concepts like ‘charismatic renewal’ or ‘gifts of the Holy Spirit’, I… Continue reading »

Loss of reverence…for what? – PART TWO

I was really inspired by James’ post yesterday, and I want to pick up the torch and follow on from… Continue reading »

Loss of reverence…for what?

Have any of you out there noticed that we seem to have lost some of the reverence and mystery from… Continue reading »

Is there value in a building?

Pope Benedict recently said on the opening of a new Church “Especially in our broadly secularized social context, the parish… Continue reading »