Monthly Archives: July 2008

Brother Chris Mannion FMS – RIP

The other day I came across a little booklet called “Walking till the end of love” – a tribute to… Continue reading »

Don’t sell the Humvee – get another!

Are you getting sick of the constant talk about man-made global warming theory? I am! You just have to switch… Continue reading »

Legacies don’t build themselves!

So, my post last week didn’t really go along the lines I wanted, so I thought I might make a… Continue reading »

A Church full of sinners

We tend to think that once someone becomes a priest or commits themselves to the service of the Church that… Continue reading »

Something to pray and make reparation for…..

I happened to stumble across a rather disturbing and sad story this morning. In the US an atheist biology lecturer… Continue reading »

“But Marge, what if we chose the wrong religion? Each week we just make God madder and madder.”

I looked up at the stars this evening, something I have not done in awhile. Isn’t the night sky really… Continue reading »

In the name of the Father

I really struggle with people who say they’re doing God’s work. Or say “I’m furthering God’s Kingdom”, partially because it’s… Continue reading »