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I think people within our Church need to watch they don’t become too cultural or ‘forced’. We can see the… Continue reading »

Adoring Communion?

Adoring Communion? The other day I was pondering and reflecting on the gift of Jesus in Holy Communion, and then… Continue reading »

“Hmmm, “The Widowmaker?” Oh, that one’s for the ladies.”

Well I’m on holiday today. Hoorah for holidays! It’s not a particularly long holiday with only one real day off,… Continue reading »

Would an honest person please stand up?

Election ramblings… I’ll grant you that politics does not bring out the best in people. And I’m the first to… Continue reading »

They’ve got something right in Chile

Yesterday I met two beautiful young woman from Chile who had been at WYD08 and had come to New Zealand… Continue reading »

What are you doing in January 09?


Profundity in precis

Looking back over my posts these last few months, I see that I have a habit of going on a… Continue reading »