Monthly Archives: September 2008

An interesting doco on Islamic fanatics

The abridged version of this documentary: [googlevideo]-6331994107023396223&ei=HzrcSKINmtSoA8qXtOQL&q[/googlevideo] You can watch the full version of this interesting doco in 10 short… Continue reading »

“But it says on page 1,326…”

Protestants seem to do a lot of protesting. I was prompted to reflect on this when I read two stories… Continue reading »

A need for beauty?

I’m not a fan of modern minimalist art, cubism or art that looks like splattered paint and scribble. Likewise with… Continue reading »

Liturgy and Form

I have recently read a book called “The organic growth of the liturgy” by Dom Alcuin Reid, a benedictine monk… Continue reading »

“I’m having the best day of my life, and I owe it all to not going to Church!”

After a long hard day at work, I like to come home and sit on the couch in front of… Continue reading »


I saw a fabulous card last week (nothing better than a good greeting card, I say) that said: “When I… Continue reading »

Impact Games

A mate of mine (who works for a cracking good Catholic NGO managing development projects in Latin America and America)… Continue reading »