Monthly Archives: October 2008

“Sir, I must strongly advise you: Do not purchase this. Behind every wish lurks grave misfortune. I, myself, was once president of Algeria.”

Today is Halloween, one of the pagan festivals (poor pagans… blamed for everything) we could not attach religious significance to… Continue reading »

The Nazis are amongst us…and have been for a while…

This morning/afternoon I want to share with you an exceptional column written by Cardinal Egan (Archbishop of New York) regarding… Continue reading »

Playing Happy Families

This Labour Weekend I joined my small nuclear family + Nana for a weekend of waterfront wandering, ice-cream eating, wine-consuming,… Continue reading »

The difference between a good leader and a good spin-doctor

I don’t know about you, but I am getting sick and tired of the tired old suggestion floating around the… Continue reading »


It’s Labour Day today here in New Zealand. As your resident Monday blogger, this is my third Labour Day writing… Continue reading »

Learning the art of living; Will I ever get it?

“By itself each human life is an open question, an incomplete, not fully realized project, something to be brought to… Continue reading »

Emotional Rollercoaster

One area of faith that I have always grappled with is the role of emotion. I have run the gamete… Continue reading »