Monthly Archives: November 2008

Musical Bites

It seems the Vatican newspaper is bias in its music taste. I’m not sure what age group expresses its musical… Continue reading »

What is the opposite of two? A lonely me, a lonely you.

Feeling lonely? You aren’t the only one…. “Loneliness appears to have become particularly prevalent in modern times. At the beginning… Continue reading »

“Well, maybe if he had better arch support, they wouldn’t have caught him”

One of my favourite games is Sim City. Actually no, it’s Sim City 2000. For the uninitiated among you, it’s… Continue reading »

So I read another book….

Well, I’m not proud to admit this (especially on a public forum such as a blog) but I read a… Continue reading »

Mission team’s little ‘fiats’

Instead of blogging myself this week, thought I’d draw your attention to the Connect Mission Project. Five months ago it… Continue reading »

The effect of various effects on the effectiveness of the President

I read an article leading up the US elections about something known as the Bradley Effect – you can read… Continue reading »

Beware Greeks bearing gifts

My wife and I had the joy of attending Mass by ourselves this weekend, as friends and family looked after… Continue reading »