Monthly Archives: December 2008

Jesus Shock Treatment for the New Year

Hmm, New Years Eve…off to the beach, a round of Auld Lang Syne and a glass of bubbly…yippee! At this… Continue reading »

Survivor Liturgy Island – Part One

Eight Catholics Two teams One Island Ten days of dubious liturgy But there can be only one survivor of Liturgy… Continue reading »

2008…been there, done that

So another year draws to a close. Rather than reminisce with words that won’t do the past 12 months justice,… Continue reading »

What Happened to Christmas Mass?!?

My first Christmas mass in the Catholic Church. Intimately meeting my saviour to celebrate his birth and the victory of… Continue reading »

“Dear Santa, if you bring me lots of good stuff, I promise not to do anything bad between now and when I wake up. Amen.”

I noticed there wasn’t a post yesterday (I noticed this at the time of writing today’s post, so it could… Continue reading »

Melanesia, Benedictus, egg beaters and Vigil Choirs

Christmas Eve…is there something in the air? Maybe that’s the smell of my parents’ real pine Christmas tree in the… Continue reading »

If the polar icecap melts, will the common ground survive?

Something posted online recently by the blogger Diogenes… If the polar icecap melts, will the common ground survive? Christians, Muslims,… Continue reading »