Monthly Archives: January 2009

Holy Mary, My Mother

How often do we truly take a moment to contemplate the love, holiness, and sacrifice of Mary throughout her life?… Continue reading »

“But I like that film biography idea: a slick Hollywood picture to gloss over my evil rise to power like “Bugsy” or “Working Girl”.”

I picked up the Central Leader yesterday. For those unfamiliar with the Central Leader, it is one of Auckland’s surbaban… Continue reading »


A few of us were sitting around at my apartment last night recounting our run ins with mothers and spatulas… Continue reading »

You face Mecca, while I pray the Benedictus…

My voyage on this gargantuously large continent that is Africa has shifted from the East now to the West as… Continue reading »

Is beauty random?

I’m going to take some of eyeWitness’ excellent advice and keep this short as, for Aucklanders anyway, it’s a public… Continue reading »

The Sabbath

It’s a long weekend people. Why are you on your computers?! Are you not on them Monday to Friday already?… Continue reading »

Hearts Aflame 2009

I am sure many of you have been to a fair share of ‘church camps.’ Some good, others, well, leave… Continue reading »