Monthly Archives: February 2009

Kids, We know we are your parents, but figure this stuff out for yourself.

There have been more than a few recent wonderfully disturbing news items to emerge from the UK in recent weeks…. Continue reading »

“Why aren’t we ascending into Heaven? Oh, right – the sins.”

I had some problems with the interweb accesing the site today (using Internet Explorer…). Has anyone else experienced any problems?… Continue reading »

Waiting for the Silence to End

I haven’t posted on women’s issues lately (excluding Obama related topics) but I intend in the next couple of weeks… Continue reading »

Le Mercredi des Cendres

It’s Ash Wednesday (well, not for me right now as I write this, it’s still Shrove Tuesday…ah the time difference…),… Continue reading »

Funny stuff

I found this guy on another local blog, his name is Steven Crowder, and he is a Canadian comedian who… Continue reading »

You’re fired!

Well, things are finally coming to a head over at St.Mary’s in South Brisbane.  I’ve been following aspects of this… Continue reading »


This weekend there was a massive youth event called Legacy 09 in Auckland. It was a follow up to World… Continue reading »