Monthly Archives: March 2009

I turned off all my lights, the planet has now been saved

So did you turn your lights off last Saturday night and save the planet? I didn’t – in fact, I… Continue reading »

More questions than answers

I had, shall we say, an “interesting” lunch last week.  I was sitting beside a colleague who I knew to… Continue reading »

Do we need to wake up?

Is militant Islam a real threat to our country and the world? Should we be more pro-active about this threat… Continue reading »

How do we reduce teenage pregnancy? Advertise abortions on television!

There is something inherently wrong and gravely dangerous about a recent proposal in the UK to allow abortion and condom… Continue reading »

“‘No TV and No Beer Make Homer ‘ something something”.

How time flies. It only seems like yesterday we were celebrating the start of a new year, and now the… Continue reading »

Raise the Alarm

Notre Dame Catholic University has asked President Barak Obama to speak to its graduating class this year. Not only that… Continue reading »

Injustice on my doorstep, hope in the Eucharist

I just spent the afternoon listening to the heartbreaking story of a Liberian refugee here who was denied refugee status… Continue reading »