Monthly Archives: April 2009

Is a facebook friend a real friend?

I sometimes wonder about the actual real uses of facebook and other social media. I mean I’ve been guilty of… Continue reading »

World Youth Day meets Africa…

Last weekend I spent 48 hours at the West African equivalent of World Youth Day. 30,000 young Catholics from Senegal,… Continue reading »

Better than I could have said it

A friend of mine sent through a couple of emails from His Eminence, George Cardinal Pell of the Archdiocese of… Continue reading »

Morning after pill via text message now?

New Zealand has recently allowed the morning after pill to be supplied to girls directly by pharmacists without the need… Continue reading »

The Root of All Sin

How often am I consumed with myself and my concerns? How many times do I find myself indifferent to the… Continue reading »

“Look at all the wonderful things you have, sir: King Arthur’s “Excalibur”. The only existing nude photo of Mark Twain. And that rare first draft of the constitution with the word “suckers’ in it.”

Amidst very little fanfare and fireworks, I turned 30 this week. It wasn’t too bad. My waistline didn’t suddenly expand… Continue reading »

Second Solution

Well, it’s late Wednesday night and my mind is no longer functioning after a good 12 hour day of intellectual… Continue reading »