Monthly Archives: May 2009

The marriage institution

A prominent Catholic law professor in the United States has proposed the end of legally recognised marriage, and replacing it… Continue reading »

Big Win for Marriage

Being engaged, marriage has been on my mind quite a bit. Being American, California has been on my mind as… Continue reading »

“Stacy, please, I must have you back. Just come for a ride with me in my Mobile Command Unit.”

I think being a kid is quite cool (or rad, or sweet, or whatever the in word for cool is… Continue reading »

Notre Dame

Notre Dame, Notre Dame eh? I know it has been discussed quite a bit sometime last week but I wanted… Continue reading »

Tangled in my Christological mozzie net

This week my fellow online classmates and I have been grappling with the major Christological Councils (Nicaea, Constantinople, Ephesus and… Continue reading »

Another day, another hikoi, another confused whitey!

I really don’t get it – why do some people think that, in a democracy, they should be getting special… Continue reading »

Are we doing enough?

A friend of mine pointed out a great response to the Protestant challenge on the authority of the Church.  I’ve… Continue reading »