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The imperfect origins of necessary infrastructure

Yesterday (well, today, but observance yesterday) was the feast of St Peter and St Paul.  As was covered in the… Continue reading »

Catholic guilt

The Catholic Church seems to have a reputation for invoking ‘Catholic guilt’ – the term is even defined on Wikipedia!… Continue reading »


I read an article this week criticising Disney for perpetuating a children’s culture of ‘heteronormativity’ through their films. The study… Continue reading »

“That was Bobby McFerrin’s new one, “I’m Worried (Need Money)’.”

(Quick edit: Michael Jackson is either in hospital or has passed away… if the latter, R.I.P… you were a talented… Continue reading »

Because the Night Belongs to Love (not lust)

Well I have just attended my third marriage class. We decided to get a priest friend of ours to give… Continue reading »

Hands-down, it’s Hans for Holy Saturday…

Reading back over my notes from the Christology paper at Good Shepherd College (ACGC)…I found this extraordinary extract from Hans… Continue reading »

The waterline is rising…

If anyone is wondering, the title for this week’s post comes from the title of a song by one of… Continue reading »