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New media, new apostles…new responsibilities!

It has been a while since I was late with a post – says something about just how much I… Continue reading »

Changes to the mass to come?

We’re not so good at always recognizing the truly sacred nature of the mass – perhaps because we live in… Continue reading »

Flirting with Relativism

For Christianity, marriage has always been the sacred place reserved for the complete self giving of a person to another…. Continue reading »

“Okay. Now, everyone take out your safety pencil and a circle of paper. This week, I hope we can finish our work on the letter “A”.”

When I look back on it, I think 6th Form was my favourite year at school (or year 12 as… Continue reading »

The Great “Common Good” Debate.

I recently read a poignant editorial written by Bishop Charles Chaput. The basic gist of his piece related to abortion… Continue reading »

Bottoms up to Our Lord and Saviour!

You know when you meet one of those people who quite obviously has a strong sense of where to put… Continue reading »

Is this appropriate?

By now I am sure that we are all well aware of the scandal involving Father Marciel, founder of the… Continue reading »