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Interesting analysis on a sad saga

In preparing to write my weekly post, I usually scour a number of sources around the world. I like to… Continue reading »

It’s as if we no longer believe the young are capable of virtue

I found this letter to the editor from The Catholic Herald thought provoking, and it accords with my experience of… Continue reading »

On Islam and the Crusades

I have often heard Christians and non-Christians alike talk about the Crusades as the hallmark of Christian imperialism, as an… Continue reading »

“Then I heard the sound that all Arctic explorers dread… the pitiless bark of the sea lion!”

I would like to relate to you all a little problem I have. It’s nothing sensational or controversial. In fact,… Continue reading »

The new Primate of England ‘offered flowers at the altar of Hindu deities’

This is doing the rounds now on the innerweb Archbishop Vincent Nichols ‘offered flowers at the altar of Hindu deities’… Continue reading »

In response to Benedicta…

Mental note…always load up drafts of BF posts as soon as they’re written…do not leave only copy on work laptop…. Continue reading »


News has broken in the last couple of days about a massive scandal that threatens to be the undoing of… Continue reading »