Monthly Archives: January 2010

How to stop worrying and start living

I just started reading Dale Carnegie’s ‘How to stop worrying and start living’ after finding it in a second hand… Continue reading »

Oh the Children, will someone please think of the Children?!?

I love dogs. I grew up with a black lab who would have given her life for me at any… Continue reading »

“There’s only two kind of guys who wear those shirts: gay guys and big, fat party animals.”

Before I start I would like to ask those of you who are so inclined to say a little prayer… Continue reading »

Unity in the Eucharist

Let us all be united to our brothers and sisters who are being persecuted for their Faith. I stumbled across… Continue reading »

“Excuse me, but you look like you got The Word right there…”

Apologies for last week’s silence. As I was finishing my last work email about 2am on Wednesday morning (2pm NZT)… Continue reading »

Al Gore to release seven new sequels to An Inconvenient Truth

After the box office success of his environmental apocalyptic thriller, An Inconvenient Truth, and all the recent media attention of… Continue reading »

Pope.geek FTW!

As many of you who know me already know, I’m a bit of a self-confessed geek, and I have spent… Continue reading »