Monthly Archives: February 2010

Anti-abortion doctors challenge guidelines

A group of anti-abortion doctors has filed an application in the High Court at Auckland challenging new Medical Council guidelines… Continue reading »

The Primacy of Family

It is interesting to see how much depends on parents. More and more, we are understanding how the choices parents… Continue reading »

‘You have entered “power drive”. Now, push seven eight seven to swing.’

Despite being a long way from my teenage years, I have to unashamedly admit that I really enjoy playing computer… Continue reading »

How Refreshing!

Because of my job, I’m privy to quite a bit of information concerning what is being taught in the medical… Continue reading »

Spot the Franciscan Missionary…

If there’s one thing you really come to appreciate in the Congo, it’s the rare chances for a little bit… Continue reading »

Water boarding – no, not the fun kind you do on your summer holiday

Hmmmm. I came across this Catholic article yesterday, which I have to say, disappointed me quite a lot. The article… Continue reading »

What if we just said wait?

Actually, I’m not going to continue the debate from Ox’s post last week (on those who are signing a petition… Continue reading »