Monthly Archives: March 2010

“No, really, we’re just fine…conflict, eruption, unemployment…she’ll be right mate…”

Sometimes I find myself rather perplexed by the Congolese. This is only natural since I’m not Congolese and my cultural… Continue reading »

And now, for a special message from the Mouth of Sauron…

I see that Richard Dawkins is once again showing his true intellectual calibre to the world, this time in an… Continue reading »

Unhealthy healthcare

I’m confused. When it comes to most things to do with the U.S., I think I find myself shaking my… Continue reading »

Back in the Headlines

The Catholic Church is back in the headlines for sexual abuse which occurred in the second half of last century…. Continue reading »

Facebook Experiment

The other day I read an article about a woman who posted a picture of a 22 week old aborted… Continue reading »

“Let us say the Lord’s prayer 40 times, but first let’s pass the collection plate”

OK so I’m late with this. But not too late, and it’s Friday so it’s probable no one really noticed… Continue reading »

Fighting the good fight…

Even present in my mind is the fact that we are fast approaching the end of lent. And what a… Continue reading »