Monthly Archives: April 2010

“And now, please rise for our opening hymn, uh…’In the Garden of Eden,’ by I. Ron Butterfly.”

I can’t remember who it was that said singing is like praying twice, or something along those lines.  Basically I… Continue reading »

The Reign of Christ

Sorry about going AWOL last week: head cold = absent-minded forgetfulness :blank_ee: To the topic at hand…. I have been… Continue reading »

A convoluted route to Sunday Mass with a bottle of Tonic water…

My blogs seem to focus around my Sundays even though I post on Wednesdays but, whatever…again, another Sunday that I… Continue reading »

What goes on upstairs?

I was in Mass a while back, and at one point I found myself looking around the church at everyone… Continue reading »

Lest we forget

I have to say that it could have been a bit easier to forget that ANZAC day on this year,… Continue reading »

A new world but the same problems?

A couple of recent events have highlighted the world’s enormous dependence on technology which has really only come into common… Continue reading »

Imagine Life

I have become quite the fan of the Imagine advertisements from the USA. These are the people who ran the… Continue reading »