Monthly Archives: August 2010

bi-lingual to bi-Missal

This week in my post, I wanted to give special kudos to our courageous, forward-thinking, and wise Bishops, who once again have… Continue reading »

“You’re not in Rome now, Dr JTL”

When it comes to the combination of intelligence and all things medical in my family, there is not a lot… Continue reading »

Does writing this blog count as rest or work?

One of my favourite weekly activities as a child was our family’s visit to the bakery every Sunday after Mass…. Continue reading »

The anniversary of the birth of an inspirational woman

Mother Teresa, I would say, would rank as one of the most inspirational people who have lived (particularly over the… Continue reading »

“I guess it’s obvious what’s happened here. Bart Simpson has somehow managed to sneak his bedroom into my house.”

Last weekend I managed to watch ‘The Blind Side’ while in Brussels.  It’s not too bad and I’m sure it’s… Continue reading »

Padre Pio

I accidentally ended up at the mass at the St Patrick’s Cathedral for Padre Pio last night and, after listening… Continue reading »

The Recurring Themes in Life

From time to time it seems that certain ‘themes’ crop up in life.  Over the past few weeks for example,… Continue reading »