Monthly Archives: February 2011

What are we listening to?

I’m a big consumer of pop music – on my iPod at the moment are the latest songs from Lady… Continue reading »

Social Beings

I’m pretty certain that God made us to be social (and I’m not just saying that because I’m an extrovert!)…. Continue reading »

Suffering, frustration and humility

Well, having lived through another major earthquake, I thank God for the safety of myself and my loved ones. I… Continue reading »

“What kind of God would allow that?”

Being in London, I am a few hours behind events that happen in NZ and it was a real shock… Continue reading »

Eternal Rest

The last few days have been incredible ones for New Zealand.  I know we’ve had a post about Christchurch yesterday… Continue reading »

Bringing out the best in the Kiwi spirit

In the wake of yesterday’s devastating earthquake in Christchurch, I’d like to dedicate this post today to all the residents… Continue reading »

Forty Hours’ Devotion

It’s upon us again!  Each year, between Septuagesima Sunday and Ash Wednesday, we Catholics enjoy(ed) a special time of prayer… Continue reading »