Monthly Archives: March 2011

There be Dragons

Just a quick note on a blockbuster movie that is soon to be released in NZ (perhaps May). I can’t… Continue reading »

Is Death Row on Death Row?

Lent provides us with new ways of reflecting on life and our attitudes to life.  An article on Zenit reports… Continue reading »

What good can come out of Palmerston North?

Marty was heading north recently, and dropped in on Palmerston North. My word. What he appreciated about this haven of… Continue reading »

11th Commandment

Sitting through the Gospel yesterday got me thinking about the Ten Commandments. We don’t hear much about them these days…. Continue reading »

So much beauty in the vows (Part 3)

Ok, so in my little 3-part series I’m now up to the vow of obedience. Where, some may ask, is… Continue reading »

But it’s so hard!

Lenten sacrifices, prayer life, living a moral life, and generally just trying to be faithful to God can all be… Continue reading »

“He is our leader. He seized power in a bloodless coup — All smothering.”

Unemployed this week but have picked a good week to do it. Nice and sunny spring weather here in London… Continue reading »