Monthly Archives: June 2011

Saints of East and West

In an effort to find some striking and impressive bit of trivia to begin today’s post with, I was side-tracked… Continue reading »

Vatican III?

So, opening up my NZ Catholic the other day for a quiet, post-Mass Sunday read, I was overjoyed to see… Continue reading »

Small victory in landslide law

Massive victory for the liberal left in New York as the State legalises same-sex marriage. Unlike the California law (remember… Continue reading »

My Bucket List

A few people have mentioned to me lately that I should put together a bucket list of things to do… Continue reading »


“Behold, the Lamb of God, who takes away the sin of the world.” John knew who Christ was and he… Continue reading »

“Does my withered face remind you of the grim specter of Death?”

I’m not sure if this was mentioned on the blog at any stage, but it appears that Jack Kevorkian passed… Continue reading »

“…to give to the Church and the world poor priests and good catechists…”

- Quote by Blessed Antoine Chevrier Apologies for the┬álate post today. I’ve probably said this in a post somewhere before,… Continue reading »