Monthly Archives: July 2011

Joan of Arc…signing off

First of all – apologies for my lack of a post last week. My life seems to be spinning a… Continue reading »

“Did you hear about that guy who blogged about gossip?”

It’s so tempting to talk about other people who aren’t present. I think we are all guilty of it, well,… Continue reading »

“Mcbain to base, under attack by commie-nazis”

Someone brought up the dwindling participation of posters on Being Frank last week. I blame age. As people get older,… Continue reading »

Where do you want us to prepare it?

Personally I find rehashing this old can of wyrms rather boring, but some people just don’t get it. Next week:… Continue reading »

The Amy Winehouse lifestyle

Apparently few people were surprised to hear of the recent death of Amy Winehouse – her lifestyle was one of… Continue reading »

The Language of Form

I found a video on youtube the other day which looks at the influence that the form of a church… Continue reading »


I read an article by famous Catholic writer and papal biographer, George Weigel the other day. He was writing about… Continue reading »