Monthly Archives: October 2011

Style vs Substance in politics

With the Rugby World Cup over, the election has well and truly begun. Personally, I’m feeling a little swamped in… Continue reading »

Doing your research

Our society live in what is sometimes referred to as the ‘information age’. The amount of knowledge we are able… Continue reading »

“I hate the public so much! If only they’d elect me. I’d make ‘em pay!”

How about that World Cup victory? Finally. Now hopefully we can stop hearing about the World Cup and everything World… Continue reading »

Pilgriming all over tha place

I find that there is nothing more relevant and hip than a congregation shrieking “The servant song” (Schutte me now… Continue reading »

Birth of a Nation

Today is Wednesday, (it is undeniably true), and the afterglow of the World Cup is refusing to fade.  It takes… Continue reading »

We’ll do it this way thank you very much

On 27 October 1986 occurred the Assisi Day of Prayer for World Peace.  Presided over by Pope John Paul II,… Continue reading »

Basking in the post-RWC tournament glory

Sorry about my lack of post yesterday. I was basking in the glory of the All Blacks/enjoying the sunny holiday… Continue reading »