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The Mystery of the Roman Missal: Missing, Murder or Mass execution?

Well, it’s been well over 7-10 days since we were alerted to the debacle which has occurred with the new… Continue reading »

Post-election humm

Wow, what an election. A few surprises with National not getting a straight-off majority, the return of Winston Peters and… Continue reading »


Today I was able to make use of the great sacrament of reconciliation.Praise God that I felt called to attend… Continue reading »

“Well, he framed me for armed robbery, but man, I’m aching for that upper-class tax cut.”

I am going to shamelessly link to our sister site here because this is a good write up on the… Continue reading »

A request to all New Zealand priests.

Dear priests of New Zealand, In the vast majority of parishes in our country, confession is either not offered, or… Continue reading »

It’s not enough just to be a ‘good person’

It seems very few people follow the new Mass translation 100% – the odd word is still wrong, perhaps understandable… Continue reading »

Do what I say – while I give a special salute to Rome!

A week or two ago, I asked the question about whether a bishop may concelebrate.  The answer was a clear… Continue reading »