Monthly Archives: January 2012

A ‘new’ Rector

So the seminary has a new rector. ‘From which diocese?’, Marty hears you ask.  And you may well ask.  Not… Continue reading »

“What does it profit a man to attend four Hearts Aflames, but suffer the loss of his soul?”

Something that many, many (if not all in a sense) young Catholics and Christians battle with is the living of… Continue reading »

“That’s OK. I’ll just push the button for the stimulator — I mean, elevator.”

In the Herald yesterday was an article on infidelity. Apparently most NZ’ers who admit to having affairs support National (those… Continue reading »

“Don’t worry. We won a dental plan in the strike of ’88.”

Well I see we have no Thursday post yet. In fact the posts over January so far have been quite… Continue reading »

How does one hate Religion, and love Jesus?

The latest craze video on youtube, ‘Why I hate religion, but love Jesus’, is a semi-rapped poem by a young… Continue reading »

Congratulations Hearts Aflame

Marty’s back, after a summer hiatus and, naturally, an explosion of emails from concerned contributors that he had given his… Continue reading »

Good news from Holy Cross Seminary

Good news! The number of seminarians in New Zealand has dramatically risen over the last few years! So much so,… Continue reading »