Monthly Archives: March 2012

Home schoolers…

I had been fairly ambivalent about the whole concept of homeschooling until a few years ago. I kind of thought… Continue reading »

Another one bites the dust, to dust it doth return.

Pope Benedict has recently made his way to one of the last communist regimes still standing today, Cuba. While en route, el… Continue reading »

The Hunger Games; don’t bother.

I’m sure you’re all aware of the massive blockbuster success of the movie ‘The Hunger Games’ at cinemas at the… Continue reading »

A letter from Mons Nicola Bux

Monsignor Nicola Bux, consultor to the CDFand to the Office of Pontifical Ceremonies, has written the following extraordinary letter to… Continue reading »

A population explosion?

Last week the New York Times ran a remarkable opinion piece “The Fertility Implosion” by long-term Op-Ed columnist David Brooks…. Continue reading »


You’ve heard me say before that we need to get our priorities sorted. We need to focus on what is… Continue reading »

Giving thorough journalism “the snip”.

You might have read this week a story about the Dutch Catholic Church castrating young men in the middle of… Continue reading »