Monthly Archives: May 2012

Lying for Jesus? There’s no such thing.

You may remember that some time ago a bunch of enthusiastic young pro-lifers did an undercover expose of sorts on… Continue reading »

The Non-Negotiables

Back from the DRS/Principal’s conference… LOTS to blog about but thought I’d start with something I’ve been thinking about for… Continue reading »

My Kingdom for an Octave

In happier times, we would currently be enjoying the Octave of Pentecost – traditionally one of the two most important… Continue reading »

As Silent As Ghosts

And the whole world descends into madness. Where’s the Catholic Church on all of this? As silent as ghosts in… Continue reading »

Our Lady of Coatlexopeuh, pray for us!

I thought this was a cool story. It’s about Our Lady of Guadalupe. The author relates a story about the… Continue reading »


Just a quick post tonight as I’m busy packing for a DRS Conference… often a mixed bag, but I’ll fill… Continue reading »

Does this road lead to Rome?

The moment is coming. Can we expect that soon the Society of St Pius X will be once more in… Continue reading »