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My rant

The other day in class I got the boys to write up a list of what they devote their time… Continue reading »

Triple tricky questions

I can’t tell you how¬†frustrating¬†my home computer is. It eats anything I try to do on Wednesday night. Oh well,… Continue reading »

Opus Dei? Tell me more…

Last week’s post, or rather the comments that followed it have got me curious about Opus Dei. I’ve asked around… Continue reading »

Liturgy, Interrupted

Again it is with sadness that Marty relates to you events which have occurred in the Auckland Cathedral. This time… Continue reading »

Can pregnancy be an accident?

Really interesting judgement from the Supreme Court that has recieved very little attention from the NZ media – go figure…. Continue reading »


Imagine what can happen with a renewal of religious life…

Catholic and ecological?

I was writing my post last night and my computer had a total melt down. It was going to be… Continue reading »