Monthly Archives: August 2012

Teething on tithing.

I don’t see what further good will be achieved by me talking about what a disgraceful and shameful thing it… Continue reading »

A blessing

This week at Sunday Mass I was struck by what a blessing our Deacons are to us. I don’t know… Continue reading »

The Judas Solution?

Was Judas a liberation theologian? Should the LCWR be honest? Over the last little while we have had John 6… Continue reading »

PM’s comments on Euthanaisa angers docs

For the record, I really rate Prime Minister John Key. I think he is doing a spectacular job at leading… Continue reading »

Disunity among Christians on the issue of Marriage

It will be no surprise to you that there is disunity among Christians on the issue of same sex marriage…. Continue reading »

How to violate a conscience

How to violate a conscience? Simply pass┬áthis Same-Sex Marriage bill…. Section 56 of the Marriage Act is not being altered… Continue reading »

The Non-Negotiables… Part 3

Something that one of the keynote speakers said during the Catholic Convention has got me thinking. The Religious Education Curriculum… Continue reading »