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50 Shades of Grey – mainstreaming porn

“So, I read that Emma Watson is gonna be the chick in the fifty shades of grey movie. I wonder… Continue reading »

Reason & Faith, rock on together…and Simcha Fischer’s life theory on sorting socks…

Before I go any further, all we need to learn today kiddies, we shall learn from Simcha Fischer, who shares… Continue reading »

To the ends of the earth; to discuss how to spread the Gospel

Very interesting news for New Zealand dwelling Catholics. Archbishop Dew has been named by Pope Benedict as a Synod Father… Continue reading »

Where are the missing Catholic kids?

An interesting article in last week’s NZ Catholic entitled ‘Where are the missing Catholic kids?’ (tried to find an online… Continue reading »

Look who’s talking

Not a bad letter. Marty’s substituted New Zealand for America etc. Dear Fathers, We are writing this letter to you… Continue reading »

Gone Fishin’

Sorry all, no post from me today. I’m enjoying God’s paradise and fishing in Rotorua. St Peter, Patron Saint of… Continue reading »

Pompallier College

 This might sound  a bit muddled but perhaps this is a reason why Catholic schools should not employ non Catholic… Continue reading »