Monthly Archives: November 2012

Falling like Pick Up Sticks

Yesterday I had lunch in a park around the corner from our office – with three other lasses from the… Continue reading »

Two and a Half Men

Angus Jones, the child actor from Two and a Half Men has slammed the show as “filth” and encouraged people… Continue reading »

Getting Ready

Sunday sees beginning of the season of Advent a time of preparing our homes, our hearts and our lives for… Continue reading »

Clear and Present Danger

Speaking at Notre Dame University (that treacherous university which is Catholic in name only), the Apostolic Nuncio in the US,… Continue reading »

Dogs, car parks and evangelization…the (not-so-) secret link…

One night a couple months ago in a fit of insomnia, I stumbled across – an American website designed… Continue reading »

The Holy Name of Jesus

Today I want to talk about the Holy Name of Jesus. Firstly, because devotion to it has strongly slumped in… Continue reading »

Anyone remember this?

On Saturday I was privileged to spend the day out at the Tyburn Monastery at Ngakuru. A friend and I went… Continue reading »