Monthly Archives: January 2013

What could be done at a “Youth Mass”?

I was with a meeting with a group of young adults the other week. One of the young adults sought… Continue reading »

What do you say to THAT?

At the recent vocations panel I attended at Hearts Aflame a question was put to the panel of priests and… Continue reading »

Well done, Hearts Aflame, well done.

Over the last week or so I’ve managed to speak to a number of young people from my parish and… Continue reading »

Time for fresh take on population growth

I’m a huge fan of Sir David Attenborough. His narration of nature programmes have enthralled and entertained generations. His recent… Continue reading »

The Eucharist shock factor…in case you still thought it was just a ‘metaphor’

So we’ve launched into the ‘Spring Semester’ at the Augustine Institute in Colorado where I’m doing a Masters in Theology… Continue reading »

Of altar servers and cassocks

I came across this great video today concerning the role of the altar server. Check it out here… Now,… Continue reading »

Should drugs be permitted in sport?

Long before Armstrong admitted that he had cheated in top-level cycling, there was a school of thought that suggested that… Continue reading »