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What am I going to wear!?!?

My parish priest included in his homily on Sunday a section on dressing appropriately for Mass. He told us that… Continue reading »

Help me oh wise ones!

Wow – fantastic debate on last week’s topic… love it! I have another goodie for you about pentecostalism and the… Continue reading »

A League of Extraordinary Gentlemen

Marty thought he’d provide a wee list of fun facts to keep us guessing with regard to the new pope:… Continue reading »

Thanks, Kereopa

Hello folks from your friendly Being Frank admin team, We’d just like to add our voice to those already shared… Continue reading »

Food for thought from 1915…the old rugged cross

Having led the odd parish music team here and there in my time, I like to think I’m reasonably knowledgeable… Continue reading »

Pope and manager?

As the media and Catholic world scramble at the news of the pope’s resignation and speculate about possible successors, I… Continue reading »

On abdication and conclaves

Sorry…I know I’m late….really busy… Just give you some links that I thought were interesting. Pope is really unwell.   … Continue reading »